S A L O N   A N D   S P A 

Our grooming salon & spa is great for dogs of all sizes and breeds, offering a large range of services and using high quality natural bath products for your dog. Our experienced groomer will pamper your pet and make sure they not only look stylish, but also that they feel comfortable and have a positive experience during their bathing or grooming session.

Grooming & Bath

Size (Weight)



X-Small (<6 lbs)
Small (7-16 lbs)
Mini (17-27 lbs)
Medium (28-40 lbs)
Med-Large (41-60 lbs)
Large (>61 lbs)

“Basic” Full Groom Includes:

Blow Dry
Haircut or Shave
Paw Pad Shave/Trim
Sanitary Shave
Ear Cleaning

Depending on Size & Coat


~For cuts and styling, our experienced groomers are available 7 days a week. Please call to request your appointment with our groomers.

~The prices above are base rates, total price is subject to change based on the condition of the dogs coat or if you request additional services.

~Our bath only service (we wash) is available every day,
please call to request your appointment with one of our groomers/bathers.

~Dogs must be up to date on shots & flea prevention. If fleas are found on your dog we may refuse service or charge additional. We cannot risk an infestation!

~If your dog has aggression issues toward other dogs
please notify us when making the appointment.

If it is possible for us to accommodate, we may arrange for them to be groomed during special hours so that contact with other dogs is avoided.

“Deluxe Spa” Full Groom Includes:

Blow Dry
Haircut or Shave
Paw Pad Shave/Trim
Sanitary Shave
Ear Cleaning
Relaxing Spa Shampoo
Nails Trimmed & Filed
Teeth Brushing
Anal Glands

Nail File
Anal Glands
Teeth Brushing
Sanitary Trim
Ear Wash/Pluck

Self-Service Bath


Are you the DIY type?
Want a clean pup but don’t want to worry about cleaning up fur and water from every inch of your bathroom? Kitchen sink too small? Hose water too cold to wash pup in your driveway? Here’s your solution!

You wash. We provide the tubs (with nice temperature water), the shampoo & conditioner, brushes, towel, dryer, apron…and best of all, we provide the clean up!

Easy to use bathing system
Shampoo and conditioner
Towels, apron, grooming brushes and dryers
30-40 minutes

Self-Service Rules:

  • Use of scissors, shears, clippers or nail trimmers NOT permitted at self-wash station.
  • Max 2 people at wash station. Someone 16+ must be present.
  • For the safety of other humans/dogs that may be present, dogs must not have severe aggression issues. (Please contact to discuss possible special arrangements in this case).
  • Dogs must be up to date on shots & flea prevention
  • Last wash in the self service tubs is 1 hour before stores close.