Daycare playgroup

A place for your dog to develop social skills and build friendships.

A home away from home where they can be themselves and release tons of energy.

Benefits of our daycare program


Daily exercise is important! We give your pup the space to run wild and romp around to their hearts desire. They will come home totally worn out and ready to sleep through the night.


Dogs are inherently social beings. Their behavior and mood will thrive from healthy positive interaction with other well balanced dogs. They learn to be comfortable when meeting new dogs & people, reducing stress, aggression and skittish behavior.


Does your dog get up to no good when left alone at home? No worries! Daycare is supervised by an experienced attendant and NYC certified animal handler at all times to ensure that your pup has an enjoyable, comfortable, and safe time while in our care.


Exercise and socialization will have many positive physical and mental health benefits for your dog. We also monitor and report anything that may be a health concern, so you always have an extra pair of eyes looking out for your pup.

Half Day
(<5 Hours)

(5+ Hours)

Free Evaluation & trial

We take the safety and comfort of our daycare attendees very seriously! After you create your account and provide proof of vaccines, all dogs interested in being a part of our daycare group must do a “trial” which is an evaluation session where we can assess your pup’s behavior, temperament, interaction with other dogs & staff, and make sure that our facility is a good fit for them.

Please allow about 1 Hour for this Trial/Evaluation session, first we will speak to you and go over the daycare info and policies, make sure all paperwork and records are filed, and then we will conduct the trial with your pup.

What people say about us

Our reviews speak for themselves, check it out!

We send our baby Bear to them for daycare and they are absolutely amazing. Once our dog knows he's close by he gets super super excited to go inside to play and meet new and old friends. We definitely know he has a blast when he's there.

We love watching their Instagram stories to see how our pup is doing. They literally have been a life saver and helped me keep my sanity when my dog was full of puppy energy. He comes home tired and so well behaved.
-Betty N
We LOVE love love Brooklyn Paw House! So grateful to have this awesome family run business in our neighborhood.

Ash and Kena are the best and have really welcomed our slightly skittish new rescue pup on several occasions. She has done doggy day care there and even boarded one night and every time comes home so exhausted from playing and having a great time -exactly what we were hoping for.
-Emily K
Our dog Max absolutely loves to come here for daycare or boarding! We have been sending him here consistently for the last 2 years since we moved to the neighborhood.

Kena and Ash are highly knowledgeable and thoughtful professionals, who are deeply invested in getting to know your pet's personality and preferences, so they can accommodate them in the most optimal way. I would recommend Brooklyn Paw House to anyone in the NYC area.
-Caitlyn D


  • Dogs must first undergo a meet and greet / behavior evaluation with us.
  • Dogs must be spayed or neutered if more than 6 months old.
  • Current on required vaccines: Rabies, DHPP and Bordetella (valid proof is mandatory by NYC law).  It’s the responsibility of the dog’s owner to provide us with vaccination records from a licensed veterinarian when registering, and again whenever vaccines are renewed. All shots must be administered at least 7 days prior to joining.
  • Free of fleas and ticks, and must be on some type of flea and tick preventative. In the event fleas or ticks are found on a dog, a flea bath will be performed and owner agrees to be responsible for the cost. Dog must be free of fleas before returning to our center.
  • Dogs must be in good health, free of any contagious diseases and free of internal parasites (worms). If your dog has any symptoms of illness including but not limited to coughing, sneezing, wheezing, diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy, runny eyes/nose, please wait until your dog is no longer showing these symptoms before attending and we reserve the right to obtain clearance from your vet.

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