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The NYC Department of Health requires us to obtain and maintain record of proof of Rabies, DHPP, and Bortadella vaccines. We are legally unable to provide daycare, grooming, and boarding service to your dog without having their up-to-date vaccine record on file. A signed Rabies Certificate from your vet is required.
If your pet cannot be vaccinated for any medical reason please have the veterinarian write and sign a letter of exemption on their letterhead. You can email any of the these records to us, upload them to your account, or bring a physical copy with you.

We require that all dogs attending daycare or boarding to be physically spayed or neutered if they are above the age of 6 months. Your dog may be lovely even if unaltered but their hormones give off a scent that may cause other dogs to react poorly to them, and in turn they may react back.

We DO take all dogs for grooming services!

If there is an item that you would like to see in our store, please let us know and we will see if it is possible to place a custom order for you.

At this time we are offering limited local SAME/NEXT-DAY delivery on a case-by-case basis depending on your exact location, product availability, and our own schedule. Delivery fee is $5, or FREE with purchases over $60.
**Somebody must be home to accept the delivery.**

Disclaimer: Please do not be upset with us if we cannot accommodate your requested delivery, as we are very new business and are working hard to make our business a well-oiled machine, we do plan to expand our delivery accommodations in the future, we appreciate your understanding and patience!

Our logo, this website, and all graphics and promotional material were created by Kena, as well as working with pets, she loves art and design, and enjoys dabbling in web design as a hobby. Check out her art and design work here

We use two different secure online portal systems to manage our clients and staff accounts.

-ProPet is our software for all IN STORE services like daycare, boarding, and grooming.

-Time to Pet is our software for all IN HOME services like dog walks and cat sitting.

When you sign up make sure you choose the appropriate system for your needs. 

YES! You can sign up for both portal accounts if you need to.

We try to be as accessible as possible! Our entrance has a small ramp/slope to the front door, and our aisles are wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair/walker/stroller. If you have any disability that requires special accommodations please let us know and we will do our best to make them.

Please note that we do not have a public restroom.


Create an account with us and come in for a complimentary evaluation session where we can assess your pup’s behavior and make sure that our facility is a good fit for them. Once approved, bring your pup for daycare anytime you’d like, and book boarding stays with us as needed. 

For first time boarding, we require an overnight Trial/Evaluation session, (offered at a discounted rate IF you plan on booking 3+ future nights with us). First, we’ll go over the boarding info and policies, make sure all paperwork and records are filed, and then we will conduct the trial with your pup.  If all goes well and your dog is comfortable with us overnight, they will be approved for boarding.

Yes, we have two enclosures, we separate dogs based on various factors of size, temperament, and energy levels. Depending on the specific dogs present on that day, we also have the cool option to take down the barrier between the enclosures and let all dogs play in one huge space. We want your pup to be comfortable during their stay with us we can evaluate them and discuss which area your pup would best fit into when we meet them.

Yes. Our daycare and boarding is actively attended by a staff member. A manager will be present as well, all managers are trained and certified in Pet CPR and Animal Care & Handling.

Yes, of course! Our main floor layout is fairly “open” and you can pretty much view the whole area where the dogs play. For the safety and security of everyone we do not allow customers inside the play enclosure. Please speak with the staff member at the front desk if you have any additional questions.

When you arrive to drop your dog off for daycare, please make sure your dog is leashed when in the common reception area of the store. A staff member will “check-in” your pup and bring them back to the play area. We know its super exciting (and really cute) to bring your pup to BK Paw House and see them off with their friends, but we highly suggest not getting them worked up before/during drop off (i.e. high-pitch talking, excited goodbyes, baby-talking) because it could make them anxious about you leaving. When dogs sense excited energy in their owner they may react poorly if they associate it with separation.


***Due to COVID we have set up a contactless drop-off/pick up for daycare dogs in the BACK entrance at 386 E23rd. Please call if you have any questions.

Just your dog, their leash, & a quick-release collar (a collar with a plastic buckle) with ID and tags attached. If your dog requires lunch, you can bring that for them in an air tight container (or ziploc bags) PREPARED AND PORTIONED with their name written on it and we will feed them (in private, at lunch time, at no additional charge.)  
Please note that we may remove your dog’s collar while they are engaging in play with other dogs so that nobody gets stuck.

Please bring everything listed above for the daycare, make sure you bring enough quantity of your dogs food, plus any medications. We will provide all other supplies (beds, blankets, toys, bowls).

Do not bring entire bags of food as they are hard to store and can attract pests.

Daycare rates do not automatically include a walk, but we do offer the option for a walk as an “add-on” service, the rate is +$12. This is because our indoor attendants must stay with the daycare/boarding dogs at all times so we have to pay one of our walkers to walk your dog as a separate service.

Boarding includes a morning and evening walk (plus a full day of daycare!), and the mid-day walk is optional as an add-on at the rate of +$12. 

We use the Instagram & Facebook “Stories” feature to record and post photos and videos in real-time. Make sure you follow us to see them. Also, if your dog has an Instagram, let us know their username so we can tag them.

Wherever they like! We have comfy couches, dog beds, and an overnight attendant to make sure your pup sleeps peacefully and safely while you travel. If your pup is crate trained and prefers to sleep in a crate, that is totally fine with us! We just don’t “crate by default”, either way an attendant will be present 24/7.

We offer “kennel-free” environment, however, we do have spare crates to use if your dog is crate trained and prefer that your dog keeps up with their training. No need to bring yours. Just let us know!

Grooming & Wash

Please call to schedule your first appointment so we can go over your info and book you with our groomer. After your first appointment, you can use your online account with us to schedule your next appointment at your own convenience. 

We have various options for you to choose from, a “basic full groom” includes a bath, brush, haircut, ear cleanup, and sanitary shave. “Bath Only” service includes a bath, blow-dry, ear cleaning, and brushing. We have additional add-on services you can pick from. There is also the option to choose each service a la carte if you’d prefer. Overall, if really depends on your dog’s breed and what is best for their type of coat. We are happy to recommend what’s best if you aren’t sure.

Yes we do! Please inquire for cat grooming rates. Cats must be up to date on Rabies vaccine.

We only accept walk-ins for our self-service wash and a la carte “add-on” services. If you need us to bathe or groom your dog you must book an appointment. 

We recommend calling before coming in even for “walk-ins”, just to confirm that a groomer is in that day. All vaccines are required even for minor services like nail trimming. If you haven’t already provided us with up to date vaccine records, our receptionist will prompt you to send them prior to coming in.

Due to the COVID-19 social distancing protocol, and limits on how many people we can have in our establishment, unfortunately our self wash station is not available. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

No problem! We offer a a few things that may work better for your dog. We have a options such as fragrance-free, sensitive, healing clay, and oatmeal.

You are welcome to provide your own shampoo (such as vet-prescribed shampoo, etc.) if you have one.

We highly encourage you to run errands if your dog is getting a full groom (we estimate a 1.5 hour wait time). Though you are welcome to wait in our reception area, we ask that you please make yourself “inconspicuous” to your dog– as it can be difficult to groom dogs when they can physically see their guardian (because getting to you is the only thing they have on their mind!)

***Due to the COVID-19 social distancing protocol, and limits on how many people we can have in our establishment, unfortunately we are not allowing anyone to wait in the reception area. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

When you arrive to drop your dog off for grooming, please make sure your dog is leashed when in the common reception area of the store. A staff member will “check-in” your pup and bring them back to the grooming area. As with daycare/boarding drop off, we highly suggest not getting them worked up before/during drop off (i.e. high-pitch talking, excited goodbyes, baby-talking) because it could make them anxious about you leaving. When dogs sense excited energy in their owner they may react poorly if they associate it with separation.

We have a strict 24 hour cancellation policy as follows:

-If you are unable to make your appointment, please cancel no less than 24 hours in advance. 

For cancellations less than 24 hours we charge 50% of services booked to the card on file.

If you cancel less than 4 business hours before your appointment or “No-Show” you will be charged full price for services booked, to the card on file. For example, this means if your appointment is at 9am, you must cancel by 5pm the night before to avoid a full charge.

-Unfortunately there are no exceptions to this policy. This must be implemented so that our groomers can still be compensated for the time that they reserved for your dog. 

-Yes, our policy is strict and our staff is required to adhere to the policy, and excuses will not be accepted. Its nothing personal, but we strongly rely on that income to keep operating.

If you are running late or think you may be late, please call us as soon as possible to give us a heads up.

Please be on time, every dog is given their own specific time-slot. We need that entire time-slot to make sure the groomer has enough time to do a great job on your dog. If you are more than 15 minutes late arriving, you will be considered a no-show, and be charged according to our policy. This is because we will not have the proper amount of time to complete your groom before the next appointment arrives.

Please try your best to make it your appointment or ask a family member to bring your dog on time. We understand that sometimes things are out of your control (parking, weather, traffic, etc.) but unfortunately that doesn’t change the fact that we need everyone to show up on time for their appointment in order for the schedule to run smoothly, so PLEASE plan your trip accordingly and make sure to leave room for these outside factors.

We are not a “crate and wait” salon. We book each dog in individual time-slots so if you don’t show up that leaves us with an empty time-slot we could have offered to someone else, which usually cannot be filled on short notice. We literally lose potential clients who may want those appointments but cannot get them because we are saving them for YOU. Multiple late cancellations and no-shows are detrimental to our business and we cannot survive without that income. We do not WANT to charge you for cancellations, lateness, and no-shows…but making sure that we are not losing money, especially during a pandemic, is a priority, and crucial to the survival of small businesses.

We appreciate your understanding.

Dog Walking/Pet Sitting

Generally, yes! With family business Ditmas Paws, you will never have to worry about a large roster of “strangers” showing up at your house. Our team currently consists of 4 caregivers, Kena,  Ash, Rusa, & Flavia. You will meet one or two of us during the initial meet & greet. Please note: the person you meet will also depend on which day you book your meet & greet.

If you are setting up a M-F walk schedule, you will be assigned a “main” walker and they will be your pet’s primary caregiver. In the event they are unavailable or your schedule is less predictable, your walker/sitter will be determined based on our location and availability.

Although you may not meet all 4 of us at the meet & greet, you can rest assured that our small team of experienced pet-caregivers works together very closely, we value consistency and long-term dedication–so there will never be a high turnover rate of our walkers/sitters.

Please check out our “ABOUT” section to put faces to names and learn more about our team.

Your walker/sitter will send you a summary of the visit after we complete it. You can view history of all messages/summaries from your personal online account, and you will also receive an email copy as soon as the summary is sent. A cute little “report card” checklist is included as well.

This update will include time & date, bathroom & behavior information, and anything else worth mentioning about your beloved pet. We even send you a photo if we are able to get a clear one!

We are proud to be based on Flatbush Ave and Ditmas Ave. We provide service to all Flatbush neighborhoods, mainly Ditmas Park, but also including Prospect Park South, the Beverley Squares, Fiske Terrace, Victorian Flatbush, and some parts of Prospect Lefferts Gardens and Kensington.

Booking visits is super simple and quick with our online scheduling system. At our meet & greet, we will provide you with a personal & secure account to login to, from there you can request services, keep your information up-to-date, communicate with your designated walker/sitter, and view/pay invoices. 

We are pretty flexible and though we are consistently busy, we will always do our best to accommodate you when possible. 

To ensure each pet gets the best care, we cannot take on additional visits once our schedules are full. It is recommended that you request your visit as soon as you think you may need a visit, as we do book up and last minute requests cannot be guaranteed. 

We do indeed work on Holidays! Our holiday schedules are set by request only. For dog walking, we  “clear the schedule” for all national holidays, and you have the option to request a visit if needed. If your request a visit in advance, we are likely able to accommodate.

Because our holidays fill up with petsitting in advance, it is unlikely that we can take any last minute holiday requests, so please get your requests in as soon as possible. Please note there is a $10 surcharge for all national holiday visits.

Yes! Our staff is trained and experienced in giving pills, injections, and mix-in meds.
We can give your pet medications & supplements as per your vets instructions. Pill pocket & food mix-in type meds are given at no additional cost. 

Injections and oral meds are subject to additional charge. 

We work with many different temperaments, including dogs with leash aggression, fear aggression, dog aggression. We will work with your pet to help them stay calm and avoid any triggers. We will always openly communicate about your pet’s behavior, as well as help reinforce any training techniques you may use at home.

However, in extreme cases, (such as a dog’s aggression interfering with our ability to walk them, or posing a threat to our safety) we do recommend that you consult a trainer before seeking dog-walking services.

While we walk your dog, we use positive reinforcement training techniques. We can also use the commands, signals, and techniques that you/your trainer use, for added consistency. During our puppy routine visits, we work on basic obedience training (sit, stay, down, come, heel, etc.) However, we are not certified trainers, but we can recommend some!

Of course! We take pride in the high quality of our work, and the proof is in the positive feedback our clients have shared. We are on social rating sites such as yelp, google+, and facebook (scroll to bottom of page for links).

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